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Sideuro is leader in trading electrolytic tinplate (ETP), electrolytic chromium coated steel (ECCS) and black plate (BP) in coils, sheets and strips for packaging steel usage.


Tinplate, the oldest packaging material used for food conservation, is a thin steel sheet coated by electroplating with a layer of tin that protects the steel from oxidation and corrosion. This material is suitable for welding, varnishing and lacquering: these features make tinplate a versatile product used in various commodities sectors for several purposes such as food cans production, pails for paintings, aerosol, fantasy-box for cosmetics, tea, coffee and biscuits. il più antico imballaggio metallico impiegato per la conservazione alimentare, è un sottile lamierino d’acciaio rivestito uniformemente tramite processo elettrolitico da un sottile strato di stagno (di spessore variabile), che conferisce al materiale un’ottima capacità di resistere all’ossidazione ed alla corrosione.


Il prodotto risulta altresì idoneo alla saldatura e garantisce una buona aderenza a litografie e vernici; queste caratteristiche rendono la banda stagnata un prodotto versatile, utilizzato in molteplici settori merceologici per svariati impieghi come ad esempio per la produzione di conserve alimentari, fusti per vernici, aerosol, scatole fantasia per cosmetici, thè, caffè e biscotti.


Products with reduced width, obtained directly from steel coils through slitting process, which are used in different sectors for diverse productions like filters, gaskets for automotive and elements for the paper converting industry. larghezza ridotta, ricavati direttamente da coils di banda stagnata o cromata tramite processo di “slitting”, vengono impiegati in diversi settori per svariate produzioni quali ad esempio guarnizioni per automotive, filtri, componenti per scatole e per l’industria cartotecnica.


Tin free steel is a thin steel sheet coated by electrolytic chromic acid treatment process. The product is particularly suitable for lithograph and varnishing, but not for welding; so it is commonly used in various sectors for the production of metal packaging non-welded components such as can caps and bottoms, crown corks and twist-off closures.


Il prodotto garantisce una buona aderenza a litografie e vernici, ma risulta non idoneo alla saldatura; pertanto viene utilizzato soprattutto per la produzione di componenti non saldabili degli imballaggi metallici.


La Banda Cromata trova numerose applicazioni fra cui la produzione di coperchi e fondi scatola food, tappi corona e capsule metallich  per la chiusura di barattoli in vetro (twist off).


Black plate is a thin cold-rolled steel sheet not subject to coating process and it represents the base metal for the production of tinplate and tin free steel. The main features of this material are the good resistance to oxidation and to mechanical stress as well as the possibility of being coated at a later stage or painted directly. The product primary application is the production of drums for industrial use. Hot Dip Galvanized and Aluminized (HDG and HDA) Sideuro trades also different flat products for industrial use, such as Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG) and Hot Dip Aluminized (HDA).


Le caratteristiche principali di questo materiale sono la buona resistenza all’ossidazione ed alle sollecitazioni meccaniche, nonché la possibilità di essere successivamente rivestito con stagno o cromo oppure direttamente verniciato.


Il prodotto trova principale applicazione nella fabbricazione di fusti a utilizzo industriale.


Sideuro trades also different flat products for industrial use, such as Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG) and Hot Dip Aluminized (HDA).


Sideuro material are available in various sizes and with specific technical features, both on scheduled or on prompt delivery. Quality options range covers:

Le varianti di qualità comprendono:

  • prime selections
  • mill surplus
  • Secondary selection

Products are delivered in coils, sheets, narrow strips



Sideuro is a leader in the trade of iron and steel products, with particular reference to electrolytic tinplate (etp), electrolytic chrome-coated steel (eccs), and black plate (bp)


Sideuro products, both those that are ready to be delivered and those made to order, are available in various sizes and with specific technical features (coils, sheets and strips)


Our customers are located both in Italy and abroad, within and outside Europe.


We are active in the non-profit for a concrete contribution to the communities in the area.


Sideuro products are certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.


Our offices are available for any further information

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