Sideuro is a leader in the trade of iron and steel products, with particular reference to Electrolytic Tinplate – ETP, Electrolytic Chrome-Coated Steel –ECCS, and Black Plate in coils, sheets and strips.



Company profile

Sideuro is a leader in the trade of iron and steel products, with particular reference toElectrolytic Tinplate (ETP), Electrolytic Chrome-Coated Steel (ECCS), andBlack Plate (BP) in coils, sheets and strips.

Steady and continuous growth and the 30-year strong experience of Sideuro’s managers and specialised staff guarantee top-quality service when it comes to selecting and selling materials in coils (rolls), sheets and strips in varying thicknessesand carefully cutting these into personalised shapes, with a total of 50,000 tonnes of material traded every year.

Our offices in the centre of Milan manage the planning and checking of orders for clients at all stages, as well as all administrative and financial aspects of the company.




The Company was established in 1999 on the business initiative of managing director Piero Mancuso and quotaholder Salvatore Pernice, and has extensive professional experience in the metals sector and above all, in electrolytic tinplate and electrolytic chrome-coated steel tinplate.

The years that followed were characterised by average growth of 10% per year, reaching a turnover of €35 million.

Ever since it was born, Sideuro has evolved through long-term strategic partnerships.
With a sales network that covers Northern, Central and Southern Italy, as well as areas within and outside the EU, it is guaranteed timely and ongoing contact with clients, understanding and responding to their needs with supplies characterised by a good quality/price ratio; with service centres with the capacity to process 80,000 tonnes of materials and top quality transport operators that ship 4-5,000 tonnes of material per month.

In addition to its sales activities, Sideuro processes ETP and ECCS materials, cutting and trimming these into personalized shapes and sizes both in Northern and Southern Italy to make sure we’re close to the end client, quickly and flexibly meeting their requirements.



Electrolytic tinplate (ETP)

Electrolytic tinplate, the oldest metal packaging material used for food preservation, is a thin sheet of steel evenly coated through electroplating with a thin layer of tin (of variable thickness), which makes the steel highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion.

The material is also suitable for welding and paint and litographs stick well to it: these features make electrolytic tinplate a versatile product, used in various commodities sectors for several purposes, such as the production of food cans, paint buckets, aerosol cans, and decorative boxes for cosmetics, tea, coffee and biscuits.



Thin strips of metal, obtained directly from electrolytic tinplate or electrolytic chrome-coated steel coils through “slitting”, are used in a number sectors to produce items such as gaskets for cars, filters, components for boxes and in the paper manufacturing industry.


Electrolytic chrome-coated steel (ECCS)

Electrolytic chrome-coated steel is a thin sheet of steel which is coated with chromium oxide through electroplating.

Lithographs and paint stick well to the product, but it is not suitable for welding; it is therefore used mainly for non-welded components for metal packaging.

Electrolytic chrome-coated steel has a number of uses. For example, it is used to make the lids and bottoms of food cans, crown corks and twist-off lids for glass jars.


Black plate (BP)

Black plate is a thin, cold-rolled sheet of steel that is not coated with anything and is the base metal for the production of electrolytic tinplate and electrolytic chrome-coated steel.

The main features of this material are its high resistance to oxidation and metalworking, and that it can be coated at a later stage with tin or chrome or painted directly.

The product is mainly used to make vats for industrial use.


Zinc and aluminum-coated steel

Sideuro also sells laminated zinc and aluminium-coated steel sheets of various industrial uses.




Sideuro products, both those that are ready to be delivered and those made to order, are available in various sizes and with specific technical features.

Our quality options include:

• prime selection

• mill surplus

• secondary selection

Our materials are available in coils, sheets and strips.




Food/open-top preservation to make cans for tomatoes, vegetables and other food products;


General industrial uses

General industrial uses for industrial packaging and paint;


Aerosol cans and caps

Aerosol cans and caps for the consumer goods market (spray cans);


Crown corks

Crown corks for bottling and food preservation


Decorative boxes

Decorative boxes to be used as packaging for high-end cosmetics;


Other uses

Other uses (electronics and components).




Our clients are located both in Italy and abroad, within and outside Europe. Our revenue comes from major food sector operators and we are proud to also have a significant number of clients in general industrial lines, the caps and seals sector, aerosol cans and crown caps for food and drink. Sales activities are coordinated by the Milan office, where dedicated staff oversee northern Italian market.

The presence on central and southern Italian markets is based on the long-established cooperation with Pernice Ltd, allowing us to walk clients through the entire sales cycle on-site with dedicated staff. Pernice Ltd also deal with export sales to the Eu and extra-EU markets (Turkey, India and Pakistan), thanks to a team specialised in the needs and requirements of customers in individual countries, based on the features of the material provided.



Logistics and transport

Our logistics network comprises a warehouse owned by us in Settimo Milanese and customs storage depots near the ports of Genoa, Trieste, Naples and Salerno with forwarding agents in every port, and logistics centres in Arquata Scrivia, Bernate Ticino and Salerno.

The strong relationship we have with our main importer partners allows us to ship up to 7,000 tonnes per month, and to use the best delivery and collection points in Italy according to the client’s needs. 



Sideuro has always worked according to a strategy based on cooperation and partnership. Our network concept has allowed us to build long-term business relationships over the years in the fields of supplies, processing, logistics and transport.

Our company has consolidated supply relationships with both national steel manufacturers and European and Asian manufacturers, with a purchasing power of 50,000 tonnes of raw material per year, which could be extended with the cooperation of the best steel manufacturers

Sideuro take advantage of the collaboration with Pernice Ltd for several commercial and logistics activities such as :

  • Customers’ needs analysis in the southern Italian and foreign markets
  • Visiting existing/potential customers
  • Logistics operations coordination (unloading, handling, delivery to service centers/customers)
  • Overseeing of the material processing at service centers (production status and material quality)
  • Coordination of the deliveries to customers and taking care of the post-sales  




We believe that a big company’s virtue lies in its respect for the environment, health and codes of conduct. This is why our contracts refer to the international codes of conduct drawn up by the main international trade organisations.

We also engage in a number of non-profit initiatives, using our national and international experience to make a solid contribution to local communities.

This is why Sideuro works with and supports non-profit organisation “Forza di Vivere”, which was established in 1973 and provides support for people with cancer and their loved ones all over the world.

More info you sould visit the Attive.org







Sideuro only sells certified materials.




Sideuro is also registered with Assofermet, the National Association of enterprises that trade, distribute and pre-process iron and steel products, traders in non-ferrous metals, traders in ferrous scrap metal and enterprises that distribute hardware.



Contacts info

Managerial, admnisitrative and commercial office:
Via Pietro Mascagni, 1 - 20122 Milano Tel. 02 77331827 - Fax 02 76019125
Registered office:
Viale dei Partigiani, 8 - 14049 Nizza Monferrato (AT) Tel. 0141 702093 - Fax 0141 702068
Manufacturing plants:
Via Edison, 68/70 - 20019 Settimo M.se (MI) Tel. 02 3281319 - Fax 02 33512390 Via Raiola, 3 - 80018 Scafati (SA)
P. IVA 01237290059 Cap. Sociale € 1.605.000 i.v. REA 99306 Reg. Impr. Asti 423/2000
via Pietro Mascagni, 1 20122 Milano Tel. 02 77331827 Fax 02 76019125
info@sideuro.com www.sideuro.com


Contacts details

p.mancuso@sideuro.com    Chairman
s.pernice@sideuro.com      CEO - Commercial Department
p.branchi@sideuro.com      CEO - Financial Department
r.cavallero@sideuro.com    Sales manager
c.torielli@sideuro.com       Accounting Department
m.tanda@sideuro.com        Accounting Department




A leader in the manufacture of products made from electrolytic tinplate, tin free steel and black plate.


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Materials are available in sheets, rolls and strips, ready to be delivered and made to order.



We have clients all over Italy, in Europe and outside Europe.



We engage in a number of non-profit

     initiatives to give concrete support       to local communities.



Sideuro production systems are UNI EN

ISO 9001:2015 certified.



Our offices are open to you for any information you may need.